Manic Monday: “Library” by J.K. Rowling

Can you believe it’s halfway through September already and that the kiddos are back in school? This week’s Manic Monday is for them and is from a name that I’m sure they’ll recognize: J.K Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series. She’s giving kids (and maybe even you!) some good advice: go to the library. Pass this on to the kids, take a trip there yourself, and have an amazing fall!

Manic Monday: "Library” by J.K. Rowling

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Multimasking 101

Multimasking 101 – Carson's #LOVESTYLE

We live our lives where everyone needs everything all at once and “multitasking” is the buzzword for today’s lifestyle. For some of us, at the end of the day, when the clock strikes midnight, the job is finally done. We’ve paid attention to everyone but our face, the one everyone sees, but we’re forgetting that one essential element…our skin. Because as those hours tick away skin loses vital moisture and pays a price from environmental toxins, dirt and debris that can clog our pores. No one wants skin that appears tired and dull, shriveled and dehydrated.

So I say make “multimasking” part of your multitasking. It works for your skin 24/7. The benefits to facial masquing are so rewarding. Your face is hydrated and your beautiful complexion is restored. Continue reading →

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Tamela: Leather Accents

9-5 Chic, Tamela: Leather Accents

We are so excited to introduce you to our next featured corporate employee, Tamela! Tamela is our dependable & witty advertising administrative assistant. It’s a joy to cross paths with her at work, and exciting to see how she pulls different looks together from our stores! Tamela has a wonderful daughter, family and friends. You can find her out in her yard, trying new DIY projects, and spending quality time with her friends cooking and finding new places to shop! She loves her time spent with her Grandfather and daughter, and looks forward to traveling more with her daughter!

Tamela let us tag along to a great local coffee shop, and we couldn’t get enough of her classy look! She was stunning, and we love how she added a bit of a bite to her classy look with some leather leggings. Tamela loves a great pair of shoes, so we were excited to see what she was going to be wearing! We fell head over “heels” with her ankle boots & sure hope you are able to make this style your own too! Try to mix some leather in your outfit this fall, you won’t be sorry! Thanks for stopping by this week’s 9-5 chic☺ Continue reading →

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Ask Florida: Makeup Shelf Life

“I am a hoarder of makeup products and I don’t want to throw them away because I think I can still use them. Some products do not have an expiration date on them. What is the makeup expiration for beauty products?” Gina

Gina -

Ask Florida Head ShotThis is an excellent question. Do you know what’s lingering in your makeup kit? It could be a breeding ground for something you don’t expect: nasty germs and bacteria.

Give your makeup an extreme makeover and protect yourself from the old unused products that you have been keeping too long. Expired makeup and exposed beauty tools can clog your pores and even cause infections. When it comes to taking care of your skin, knowing your makeup’s shelf life is a powerful tool.

Makeup Shelf Life Infographic Continue reading →

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Our Favorite Things: September Edition

Welcome back to Our Favorite Things: our monthly collection of what’s hot, what’s new and what we can’t wait to wear.

It’s September and even though most of us won’t be going to school this fall, the back-to-school feel of the season is inescapable and that’s fine by me. There’s something exciting, even now, about getting ready for fall with a few new finds. Keeping that in mind, I’ve selected some of our favorite things for this month: a sort of grown-up back to school list.

Our Favorite Things: September Edition Continue reading →

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Where to Spritz: Fragrance Guide

Where to Spritz Fragrance Guide #LOVESTYLE It’s not always about what to wear…sometimes it’s where to wear it. Especially when it comes to fragrances. Here’s the best advice I have about where to spritz so your fragrance works in harmony with your skin.

The point of fragrance is you. So start off by spritzing lightly and not letting the fragrance overpower you or cling to you heavily. After a warm shower, apply your fragrance while you are still warm. The fragrance absorbs by the warmth of your skin. Using the same brand of fragrance, shower gels, body lotions and treatment creams will maintain fullness and enhance your scent.

Spraying fragrance in the air and waiting for the mist to fall lightly on your hair allows the scent to diffuse over your body. You do get the most out of your fragrance by spritzing lightly even in unconventional places. A word from the wise, never spritz directly on your clothes or intimates. It will cause discoloration. My “Where to Spritz Fragrance Guide” showcases key pulse points where you can spray your perfume so the aromas will rise and intensify all day long.

Where to Spritz Fragrance Guide

  • Inside the Wrist – Warm up your scent by spritzing inside the wrist. The pulse is a hot spot that allows a beautiful fragrance to be released to linger. (Tip: Don’t rub your wrists together, it will crush the scents!)
  • Nape of the Neck – Expect unexpected hugs and kisses! Feel sexy and sensual and spraying near the throat, on the back of the neck or shoulders.
  • Inner Elbows – Place your perfume in the inner elbows over a vein. Your body heat will emit your scent.
  • Behind the Knees – There’s nothing like reactivating the scent as you’re walking on the beach and your body temperature rises.
  • Cleavage – Dab fragrance lightly in one of the sensual places of the body.
  • Behind the Ear – Although this area may not a ‘pulse point’ a dab behind the ear keeps a subtle scent for hours.

The unforgettable Coco Chanel replied to a woman who asked, “Where should one use perfume?” with, “Wherever one wants to be kissed.”

Keep Coco’s words in mind when you want your wildest dreams to come true, but keep the “Where to Spritz Fragrance Guide” in mind for drawing the attention you desire everyday.


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PiYo Toning Challenge

Toning PIYO WorkoutDawn DykstraHi, my name is Dawn and I’m a Health & Fitness Coach. I virtually coach clients through at-home workouts and meal planning. I love to see people realize their full potential and achieve confidence in their body, strength in their daily movements and maximum health through nutrition. I’m a newlywed living in Milwaukee, WI and I love to eat, travel and sip on lattes.

I want to show you that fitness does not have to be complicated. You can do a lot from your own home, with zero equipment. Fancy gym memberships and confusing weight machines are not necessary! You can get an amazing, calorie-torching workout using nothing but your own body weight. The PiYo Toning Challenge I’m about to guide you through are simple, yet extremely effective. You can do them in your living room, your backyard or even a hotel room.

PiYo is a strength-based format inspired by Pilates and Yoga. However, instead of holding poses like you do in traditional Pilates and Yoga classes, you move through them dynamically, thereby incorporating a cardio element. What you’ll get with PiYo is strength, cardio and flexibility all rolled into one workout.

PiYo Toning Challenge

1. Dynamic Warrior I

Stand in a high lunge position with your arms extended straight up overhead, framing your ears. Lower down into a deep lunge, keeping your knee over your ankle.

Repeat for 1 minute, rest for 20 seconds, than repeat for 1 minute on the other leg.

Dynamic Warrior Capris : Marc Jacobs New York | Tank: Champion® Continue reading →

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Farm to Table: Fiesta on the Farm

Welcome back to Farm to Table! This time we’re doing things a little bit differently; we’re bringing the table out to the farm!

Last week my friend Kellie and I headed out to Amy and Brian Ray’s farm, Aisling SmallHolding, for their annual chili cook-off and pie contest, where they allowed us to tour their farm, try some of their amazing produce and show off some of our favorite new products from Fiesta® Dinnerware.

Farm to Table: Fiesta on the FarmWhile Amy and Brian were getting ready for their big shindig, Kellie and I set the table amidst their tomato and squash patches. We thought the colorful linens and fun colors were the perfect thing to liven up this summer party.

Farm to Table: Fiesta on the FarmFor our table settings, we picked some of our favorite summer colors from Fiesta’s huge assortment: turquoise, lapis, scarlet, cobalt, sunflower, lemongrass, and the newest addition to the lineup, poppy. We absolutely loved the combination of the poppy bowl with the more subdued cool tone of the lapis plate. Continue reading →

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Chris: Shades of Blue

9-5 Chic: Chris - Shades of Blue #LOVESTYLE

Chris is our thoughtful, bubbly Customer Service Specialist for the website, and has been working for the company for almost 34 years! She has graced multiple offices with her great energy and personality; she started on the sales floor, then headed to the buying offices, and is currently in eCommerce. She keeps customers happy, brides smiling, knows the ins and outs of all sales, and is a guru for keeping the customer number one! Chris loves a great book, finding little gems at flea markets and boutiques, and feels great during a tough boot camp or yoga class. She has wonderful friends and family, and treasures her time making new memories traveling, cooking, drinking wine and more with them.

9-5 Chic: Chris - Shades of Blue #LOVESTYLE

Top: Ruff Hewn | Jeans: Ruff Hewn | Purse: Lucky Brand | Earrings: Nine West Vintage America | Bracelet: Nine West Vintage America | Sunglasses: Fossil | Necklace: Kenneth Cole | Blazer: Ruff Hewn

Continue reading →

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The ABC’s of Acne Prevention

The ABC's of Acne Prevention

Never underestimate the power of pesty acne breakouts during the back to school season. It’s the time when pimples are popping up everywhere mainly due to improper skincare, stress, hormonal changes, lack of information and diet.

Whether you are attending high school or headed to an on campus appearance, if it’s important, you start having pimple panic rages. Don’t panic, you are not alone! I’ve got you covered on how to get rid of acne in no time flat.

If you start now, you may go back to school with skin as clear as that first morning bell.

Florida’s Acne Homework

A. Cleanse

A. CleanseFor a safe, gentle and effective way to clean, try the new ‘state of the art’ Clarisonic MIA 2 Acne Clarifying Collection. Proven to clean 6 times better than your hands leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth. Its powerful salicylic acid-based cleanser helps to gently dry and clear acne blemishes and the enriched vitamins and botanicals reduce the appearance of redness. The Clarisonic kit is great for at home and the dorm and includes Mia 2 Cleansing Device, an Acne Cleansing Brush Head, and an Acne Daily Clarifying Cleanser and pLink Charger.

Smooth, soften and heal your skin with Fashion Fair Blemish Control Cleansing Foam. This blemish control cleansing foam is formulated with salicylic acid, to help prevent clogging of pores. It clears impurities and dead skin cells and it contains vitamins A and E and is recommended for oily skin.

Continue reading →

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